Our mission is straight forward, Sell more tickets for our partners and clients.

We are a team of marketers using every trick in the book to get your event more traffic. Here at Eventism, we have over 20 years experience in event promotions and marketing, From festivals and fundraiser galas to night clubs and New Years Eve parties. Eventism has performance guarantees which is why we only get paid when you see results, for most its ticket sells, for others its bar sales.

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The Basic's of How We Work!

For starters, we need to know a little about your event, We accept about 85% of the events that seek partnership with us. There is normally a time and compasity issue with event we don't take on.

Quick Information:

  • Commissions are normally 10% - 30%
  • We only sell as many tickets as our partners allow
  • We design beautiful event pages for every event
  • We have a proprietary marketing system use with all our promotions